『nature sound(ネイチャーサウンド)』は、歴史と現代の融合を目指すエフェクターブランドです。可能な限りヴィンテージパーツを駆使し、職人の手仕事を感じさせる丁寧な作り込みで、音楽史を作ってきた名機の音色を今に蘇らせる製品づくりをしています。


“nature sound” is…

Our goal is perfect fusion of history and modernity.

We use vintage parts as much as possible to resurrect legendary masterpiece at the present.

Every unit is finished by hand and filled with the beauty of artisan work.

It is getting harder and harder to collect the vintage parts nowadays.

So basically every model would not be discontinued but we would not reproduce unless every vintage parts gathered.

In case of reproduction, we might change its circuit and limit the number depending on the situation.

Please be advised.


『Zahnrad(ツァーンラート)』は、nature sound のDNAを受け継いでスタートしました。


※ zahnrad ……ドイツ語で「歯車」の意味。

Zahnrad is…

Zahnrad is established with the DNA of nature sound.

We develop and suggest the gear that connect your guitar, effectors and amp precisely.

Zhanrad means “gear” in German. We put our wish into this word.

Zahnrad is for the player looking for the effectors fit into your system at the price point.